Utility drilling


Utility drilling

UmbiliDrill shall be able to deliver long complex boreholes, micro-tunnels, for power cables, district heating, fluids, and much more.

Based on technologies and methodologies several of our people has worked on, combined with their proven innovative capabilities, we are working on a drilling method where a spoolable umbilical (electro hydraulic cable combination) is used, coupled to our borehole propulsion units.

These propulsion units, “locomotives”, are coupled together to provide the strength required to provide weight on bit and borehole transport of the total drilling system. Along the umbilical, locomotive sets will be used, to provide the necessary strength to safely move the front drilling system as well as the umbilical in the complex shape boreholes that this system can deliver.

We are also working on a method to enlarge the borehole to a tunnel that can be used for goods and/or personnel transport.

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