With the aim of building up a powerful and dedicated team that could enable for bringing new ideas to the market, Aarbakke Innovation was established in 2014. 

Aarbakke Innovation


Aarbakke Innovation AS was established as a branch within the Aarbakke family back in 2014. All with the aim of building up a powerful and dedicated team that could enable for bringing new ideas to the market, in a “fast track” manner. Ideas – in general – often tend to end before reaching a critical milestone, unless it is powered and stimulated by a team. That led us to build up a team of open-minded engineers with an ability to mature such ideas.

Those ideas could arise from our internal environment, or they can be “born” by external players (start-ups, founders). Our intention has been to contribute with the resources needed to mature this idea a step further. In retrospect, this has been our driving force ever since.

We have thus entered collaboration with several founders, contributed with developing their ideas and technologies with our expertise, and hence increased their values. Our effort is often said to be a crucial element towards technology realization and commercial success. This is how we ended up with our first “exit” in 2017, when the company TechInvent got acquired by Yokogawa.

Simultaneously, we have also managed to approach the market (end clients/service providers) with own ideas and technologies, mostly within the energy sector. Our dream is to make a difference when it comes to reducing cost and minimizing the environmental footprint. A result of this is the establishment of our spin-off company Axter AS in 2022, a technology provider which will enable for new well intervention operations, conveyed on a wire, rather than more heavy and costly operations (www.axter.no).

Our team, comprising engineers with a forward leaned attitude, is also capable to take on to provide our expertise on a more general consulting basis.

As a result of this business model of features and approaches, our company has developed a reputation and stamina that is highly valued for a variety of actors in the energy market.

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