Aarbakke Innovation as a product enabler is a trusted partner to startups and well-established companies.

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Aarbakke Innovation as a product enabler is a trusted partner to startups and well-established companies. Part of our business model is to invest in technology companies, we seek to use our role as active owners to make a difference and may be responsible for developing an idea into a product, solution or commercialisation.

Below are some examples of that.


Axter was spun off from Aarbakke Innovation in 2022 after a product development and commercialization phase.

Axter provides smart downhole machining on a wire, typically for disruptive and novel plugging and abandonment of O&G wells, but also for applications much earlier in the well’s lifetime (EOR). Imagine a powerful and high-end machining center deployed on a wireline cable – that’s where Axter makes a difference.

Hansen Downhole Pump Solutions

HDPS have developed a new inverted rodless pump. The downhole closed-loop hydraulically operated pump can be deployed and operated on jointed tubing, or on a spoolable rigless installed flat-pack umbilical.

The company also has a patent for a downhole wet connect system, introducing new opportunities for wireline-replaceable electrical submersible pumps. The company recently received a contract for a coupler of this type for downhole permanent gauges in complex subsea wells, where the coupler enables power and signal to be transferred from a lower to an upper well completion string.


Wellstrøm AS is a joint venture between Rawwater Engineering Ltd. (UK), K2 Oilttools (Norway) and AAI. Rawwater invented the Bismuth Plug and recently developed the world’s first underwater cast-metal seal estimated to have an economic life of 3,000 years. The bismuth alloy placement is used to establish smeltable plugs outside/inside a tube as a permanent barrier for P&A.


A wireline-deployed open-hole wellbore intervention tool to determine oil–water contact in exploration wells. The tool will drill a short lateral from the mother bore, where a sensor performs high-accuracy pressure measurement, followed by retracting the drill string and sensor. The company Hydrotell AS is a subsidiary of Hydrophilic and is developing sensors that can be permanently installed in the reservoir section of production wells.


A space-reducing topside system for electrolytic removal of oxygen from injection water. The process also produces fluoride.


An energy-providing company established to build, own, and operate mobile plants to process bio-/natural gas for power, heat, hydrogen, and CO2.

SmartCoil Solution

SmartCoil Solution – Placement of Cement for Plug and Abandonment (P&A) in Low Pressure Wells
This invention concerns a method (patented by SmartCoil Solution) for controlling the placement of cement in a low pressure well, where a well bore extends into and communicates with a reservoir formation. The invention also includes a system for controlling the placement of treatment fluids into a well, with low formation pressure. In this context, low formation pressure means a formation in the ground with a lower pressure than a pressure exerted by a hydrostatic column of the fluid in the well bore extending into the formation. The method constitutes an improvement to control placement of the cement for a Plug and Abandonment (P&A) operation.

The overall target for this project will be to verify performance of downhole equipment, such as the injection valve, specifically designed for this method. Ultimately upon verification the method will be applied in a dedicated pilot well at the NCS.

SmartCoil Solutions

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