About us


About us

We are a full-service engineering company specializing in creating solutions for the oil and gas industry. We manage the full product life cycle.

We are a comprehensive engineering firm specializing in developing solutions for the energy sector. Our expertise encompasses the entire product life cycle, guiding ideas through development, manufacturing, assembly, testing, and aftercare. Whether it’s engineering support, consulting, technology development, or product design, our team of senior professionals is trusted by customers to deliver intelligent solutions that help them achieve their goals in the dynamic energy industry.

Aarbakke Innovation is a fast-moving and independent engineering company specializing in creative solutions for the oil and gas industry. We are dynamic and nimble, founded on the principles of innovation and entrepreneurialism. But with the support of our sister company, Aarbakke, we have the backing to reach our ambitious goals.

Founded in the town of Bryne on Norway’s west coast, we embody the regional spirit of “Jaeren entrepreneurialism,” quickly and smartly solving the challenges of today and anticipating the challenges of tomorrow. We differentiate ourselves by providing the most energetic and creative engineers, capable of designing products and solutions that meet the exacting demands of our customers.


Our focus areas within the energy encompass
downhole applications, subsea installations,
topside technology, renewable energy, hydrogen, material handling,
and battery swapping


We use humor to create a good atmosphere and a positive work environment.


We use creativity as a key factor when solving challenges.


We are passionate about our work – «Designing a better tomorrow.»


We are curious about new technology and knowledge, and constantly searching for new ideas.

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